Album Review: Bird’s Dream by Fiji Mermaid

Album Name: Bird’s Dream
Artist: Fiji Mermaid
Year/Label: 2010 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Fiji Mermaid has been reviewed here before…in fact their CD, [Green Pond] was my 1,000th review done. And that was five years ago! I have no idea how I counted back then and can’t even begin to tell you how many we’re up to now. But let’s just say a lot.

Green Pond was pretty atmospheric and dreamy. I had said that it was music to go along with something. Meaning, it’s background music.

This one stands out front a bit more (if that makes sense). It still has its dreamy moments, but there are more stand-alone songs as opposed to the whole thing being one big soundscape. The album is made up of 18 songs, mostly quite short ones.

There are a couple songs that stand out mostly because they have a bit of a dissonant sound, He Flew to the Sun probably illustrates this best. But Bang Bang Boys is different too.

It’s a pretty album of strange and cool songs. Bonus points for creating album art that matches my website.

Track Listing
1. Birds Dream
2. Narration (Introduction)
3. Flying to the Coast
4. Night Flight
5. Narration
6. Cute Little Dog
7. Narration
8. Loneliness Is a Fractal For the Universe
9. Narration
10. Bird, Bird
11. Bang Bang Boys, Go Go Girls
12. Les Fleurs
13. Narration – Irminsul
14. Waking Up (Forest)
15. Return of the Sun
16. Narration (Close)
17. He Flew to the Sun
18. Birds Dream Theme

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