Album Review: Black Feather Wings by Bourbon Princess

Album Name: Black Feather Wings
Artist: Bourbon Princess
Year/Label: 2003 / Accurate Records

Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Bourbon Princess new album is a sharp delight. Their sound is darkly jazzy and singer Monique Ortiz vocals are strong focus. She sounds a bit like PJ Harvey while the band’s resemblance to Morphine is easily explained by that bands Dana Colley playing here.

“Another Day” sees the band’s neo jazz taking on a noir-ish flavour.

Ortiz sings suggestive words as Colley plays the sax. “I’ll Take a Cab” shows Ortiz singing powerfully while the band are in perfect synch.

The moody “Early Train” is very affecting.

“Jerkoff” is a rockin’ tune that sees Monique Ortiz sounding spiteful as well as sultry.

The lovely “One of these days” is a soft, but potent track with some great piano bits.

“Black Feather Wings” is a great album.

Posted on September 24, 2003

Track Listing
2. Another Day
3. I’ll Take A Cab
4. Spider Sings, The
5. Early Train
6. Sunset
7. Dream, The
8. Black Feather Wings
9. Jerkoff
10. Sleep Deep
11. One Of These Days
12. Late Train

[Bourbon Princess Official Site]

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