Album Review: Bright Day by Emily Rodgers

Album Name: Bright Day
Artist: Emily Rodgers
Year/Label: 2010 / Misra

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Emily Rodgers’ new album arrives a few years after her last one, and on a new label. The Amerciana style seems to be intact, and her bewitching vocals are unchanged.

Opener In Spring Alchemy is a slow-mo Hope Sandoval dream of a song with a languid grace all its own.

Hurricane is hardly a change of pace, but Rodgers’ sweet vocals keep it grounded. It sounds haunted by many ghosts and able to hold its own with all of them.

Great Depressions is very sad, but has a beauty of sorts about it. Rodgers’ vocals are utterly gorgeous and the melody supple.

This Town ends the album on an up tempo note, Rodgers and her band playing a soft yet sophisticated tune. The guitar line is very well played.

It’s good to have Rodgers back with such a fine album.

Track Listing
1. In Spring Alchemy
2. Hell
3. The Dead Don’t Heal
4. Hurricane
5. Bright Day
6. Great Depressions
7. Can You See Me Now
8. This Town

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