Album Review: Broken Social Scene by Broken Social Scene

Album Name: Broken Social Scene
Artist: Broken Social Scene
Year/Label: 2006 / City Slang

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Review by David Adair

The experimental tone is set straight away in the groovy instrumental led; ‘Our Faces Split The Coast In Half’ that clatters along on a percussion toed ride to punctuate Lesley Feist’s (also an established solo artist) low key and almost haunting vocals. The vocal variety proffered by this outfit includes the lost and calming style of the aforementioned Leslie and the wispy murmurings of Kevin Drew that give numbers like ‘7/4 (shoreline)’ and ‘Major Label Debut’ a floating feel. A garage beat vibe adds to the spice of this multi-faceted Toronto outfit via the introduction to ‘Windsurfing Nation’ that’s turns into a screechy female vocal led, indie free-for-all.

The longingly provocative vibe given off in ‘Swimmers’ helps to make this fourteen track empirical foray, both thoughtful and alluring. Broken Social Scene’s ability to build up emotion and maintain musical integrity is illuminated by way of the six minute plus finale; ‘It’s All Gonna Break’ that is of the 70s rock ilk early on before slowing down to take on a more contemplative bluesy feel.

As if 14 tracks of varied veracity weren’t enough, the kind Canadians provide their own January sale by throwing in a free seven track E.P. entitled ‘To Be Me And You’ that has a prominent spacey/art feel. The pulsing and grinding ‘Baroque Social’ highlights the liberal nature of this progressive outfit. There is surely something on this two for one offering for everyone.

Posted on January 8, 2006

Track Listing
Disc: 1
1.Our Faces Split the Coast in Half
2. Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)
3. 7/4 (Shoreline)
4. Finish Your Collapse and Stay for Breakfast
5. Major Label Debut
6. Fire Eye’d Boy
7. Windsurfing Nation
8. Swimmers
9. Hotel
10. Handjobs for the Holidays
11. Superconnected
12. Bandwitch
13. Tremoloa Debut
14. It’s All Gonna Break

Disc: 2
1. Her Disappearing Theme
2. Canada vs. America
3. Baroque Social
4. No Smiling Darkness/Snake Charmers Association
5. All My Friends
6. Major Label Debut (Fast)
7. Feel Good Lost Reprise

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