Album Review: Come Across the River by Heather Duby

Album Name: Come Across the River
Artist: Heather Duby
Year/Label: 2004 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

I wanted to review this sooner, but couldn’t stop playing it long enough to enthuse about it. This then is Heather Duby’s follow-up to her acclaimed debut “Post to Wire”. Her music is atmospheric and her songs are evocative.

Opener “Make me Some Insomnia” is deliciously sad and lovely. Duby’s voice is angelic but still earthy. “To rely on anyone is like sinking for the fun of it” she sings.

“The Rare Vavoom” is a jazzy, elegant song. Duby sings of staying resigned in an endlessly weary voice.

“Providence” is a heart-rending song in which Duby sings “Now I can see that you’re lost to me. This was a page out of time” The haunting melody will stick with you long after the songs stopped playing.

“Three Miles” is more upbeat than the other songs and it provides a good contrast.

The closing “Golden Syrup” has a whimsical chorus but is still a poignant song.

“Come Across the River” is sad, but so beautiful it will break anyone’s heart.

Posted on February 13, 2004

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
Listen to track samples
1. Make Me Some Insomnia
2. Stamped Out Listen
3. The Rare Vavoom
4. Your Blue Shoes
5. Providence
6. The Big Dwindle
7. Coin Jar
8. Three Miles
9. Auto Immune
10. Golden Syrup

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Rating: 5 Stars
Comment: Heather Duby’s music immediately evokes those strong moods of alienation, romance, longing, resignation all together in an instant. A sound that will go well with a quiet romantic weekend with a loved one, and with a lonely night without a loved one. I have heard only two of her songs “Providence” and “Love You More” and both of these songs show how wonderfully she has captured that elusive quality that only the best artists capture: the mystery of love
by Chacko Kuruvilla on Thursday, September 2, 2004

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