Album Review: Conversations With My Therapist by Sal

Album Name: Conversations With My Therapist
Artist: Sal
Year/Label: 2010 / Copio Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Welsh rockers Sal make a powerful second album after a striking debut a few years ago. Vocalist Cat (no surname given) is a strong presence throughout.

Swallowed Pride for Hollow Promises charges along nicely and has a typically strong lead vocal. Noog on guitar acquits himself well throughout.

Devil May Care is a Bond theme for Sebastian Faulks’ book of that name. It won a contest to get that honor. It’s not as orchestral and grand as other Bond themes, but it has suspense and thrills aplenty. Cat’s vocals are good as ever.

California is a nicely charged song with a strong melody and chorus. The guitars are razor sharp.

The closing A Love Song for Alcoholics is fast paced and has plenty of sass. Cat’s vocals are just on the money.

It’s a good rock album in all.

Track Listing
1. Get Your Facts Right
2. Swallowed Ride For Hollow Promises
3. Jekyll And Hyde
4. Demons
5. Devil May Care
6. Perfection
7. Ordinary Guy
8. California
9. Conversations With My Therapist
10. Invisible
11. Highly Strung, Highly Fun
12. A Love Song For Alcoholics

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