Album Review: Distanza by Phoenix/NEBULIN

Album Name: Distanza
Artist: Phoenix/NEBULIN
Year/Label: 2004 / Independent

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Review by Sarah Bernardi

An intense powerful voice, and an exquisitely layered yet rock oriented sound that will delight headbangers everywhere is summed up with one band: Phoenix/NEBULIN.

When first listening to the debut album Distanza, I was completely blown away. The first track “Chameleon” is bound to get you moving. Linda Doval’s vocals range from angry shouts to violent whispers, all the while weaving stories of love, loss, and anger.

Based in Florida, Linda and the band have enjoyed many successes, with highly anticipated live shows and a growing fan base, Phoenix/NEBULIN are definitely making their mark.

Other standout tracks include (my personal favorite) “Time”, along with “Acid Bath” and “Electric Halo”. The album is varied as the songs go from hard rock, to ethereal, to a mesmerizing combination of both.

Basically, Phoenix/NEBULIN features a strong, powerful voice, with strong, powerful music to complement. I urge you all to visit to check out the band and sample some songs.

Posted on June 27 2004

Track Listing
1. Chameleon
2. Broken
3. Acid Bath
4. Time
5. Nebulin
6. Voce de la Luna
7. Inconsequential
8. Electric Halo
9. Resurrection
10. Torn Inside
11. Mute
12. Fragments
13. (secret track)

[Phoenix/NEBULIN Official Site]


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