Album Review: Eclectica-Episodes in Purple by Zaki Ibrahim

Album Name: Eclectica-Episodes in Purple
Artist: Zaki Ibrahim
Year/Label: 2001 / Sony

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Zaki Ibrahim’s aptly entitled ep is a poetic, languid affair with traces of Erykah Badu’s inventive flavor and its own clever twists.

“Love Like” intones “Wake up” over squalls of horn and loops of quiet marvel. Her vocal is a beauty of expressiveness.

“You Choose” is a funky, yet laidback song, Ibrahim’s vocal is as ever peerless.

“Lost in You” approaches a sweets state, whispered vocals in French set against a soft backing that gradually build to a noisier sound. Ibrahim’s talent shines here.

The ep ends with a lengthy remix of the song “Money” which is pretty cool. Ibrahim is at work on an album that should be stunning.

Track Listing
1. Love Like
2. Computer Girl
3. You Choose
4. Grow Again
5. Interlude
6. Lost in you
7. Connected
8. Money(King Britt mix)

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