Album Review: For the Quiet by Katie Sawicki

Album Name: For the Quiet
Artist: Katie Sawicki
Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I reviewed Katie Sawicki’s previous release, Black Boots in 2004 and thought it was good, but found the melodies “lacking excitement” (I don’t actually recall that, I just re-read the review). I’m happy to report that her melodies are complex and interesting on this recording.

I guess I found the last record to be a little bluegrass-y, but I don’t hear it so much on this one. This is pretty much straight up folk. There may be a little twinge. This is perfectly fine with me, I prefer this sound.

I was also impressed with her lyrics before and these songs have the same effect on me.

Sawicki has a very emotional voice, that is, you really feel what she’s singing about. It’s perfect for the genre. It can be strong or vulnerable, whichever the song requires.

Baggage has a really cool melody and is a nice song about loving someone even with all the crap they bring with them.

Ship is very pretty and shows her voice well.

Though Black Boots was a good, quality production, I’d say For the Quiet is even better.

Posted on March 6, 2006

Track Listing
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1. 300 Miles
2. Most of my Life
3. Baggage
4. Sidewalk Nights
5. Good Girls
6. Bushes and Weeds
7. Ship
8. Come on Home
9. Hipsters
10. Leave Me Behind
11. For the Quiet

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