Album Review: Forgive and Forget by Jenny Whiteley

Album Name: Forgive and Forget
Artist: Jenny Whiteley
Year/Label: 2010/Black Hen Music

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Jenny Whitely has a nice comfortable voice that glides along nicely to her sorta twangy Americana style. I used to strongly dislike this style of music. Then Beth Amsel’s music got me into it more. Lately, I’m kinda over it (though still love Beth’s music). Maybe it’s that I was really hoping to go on That Cruise again next year, but now they’re announcing all these twangy artists and I’m disenchanted and sad that I’m probably not going. Anyway, I digress…and that being said, this is a good record if you like Americana.

As I said, her voice is nice and pleasing, though I can’t say it’s anything I haven’t heard before.

The songs are well-written and catchy. They mostly have a waltzy feel (and I love a waltz).

Stand outs for me are: Kind Love, The Truth and the Eyes of the Dead, and There Was Love which is probably my favorite.

If you dig the twang I think you’ll like this one a lot. It really is very well done. And her album cover matches my site very nicely!

Note: you can get the Black Hen Sampler by visiting their site [here]

Track Listing
1. Raining In My Heart
2. There Was Love
3. Day Without Words
4. Final Season
5. Truth and the Eyes of the Dead
6. Ripple Effect
7. Kind Mirror
8. Cold, Cold Kisses
9. Slack
10. Half Life

[Jenny Whiteley Official Site]

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