Album Review: Glowing Bird by Arizona

Album Name: Glowing Bird
Artist: Arizona
Year/Label: 2008 / Echo

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Hmm, I am torn. I have a million reviews to do, so I am kind of looking for reasons to put some in the ‘no thanks’ pile. First before even listening, I think…’cute album cover.’ One point for.

But then I go to visit their website and I get a message from my browser telling me that the site could harm my computer. One big point against.

So I listen.

Kind of psychedelic rock with a little 60s Brit pop feel. Not something that blows my mind, but nice enough to give it more spins.

I like it. I think it is one of those records that if I listened to it non-stop for a week I’d fall in love. But unfortunately, I haven’t got the time. At least not before the end of the year. So this short, weird review will have to do.

Balloon is really pretty.

You Were Right has a chorus that makes it a standout. It rocks out in an otherwise soft-ish song. But I like that it does that. Keeps the listener on his/her toes.

Really, all these songs are good. The vocals are well suited to the style, the musicianship is professional, and the songwriting is clever. A upbeat fun record.

note: and when I went to their site again, it showed a quick “under construction” page and then redirected to the record label site, so they’re working on it. Kudos!

Track Listing
1. Heath
2. Balloon
3. Swimming Hole
4. You Were Right
5. Ghost
6. The Glowing Bird
7. Otto The Eel
8. Don’t Have The Body
9. Easily
10. Colors
11. The Fairly Light
12. Whiskey Or Wine

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