Album Review: Heart that’s Pounding by Sally Seltmann

Album Name: Heart that’s Pounding
Artist: Sally Seltmann
Year/Label: 2010 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Wow, I mean…wow!! I feel like this is an album I’ve known all my life, though it’s still really fresh too.

The opening song, Harmony to My Heartbeat, just couldn’t be any more joyful and sweet, and poppy and *sigh*. I was playing it at work and someone came by my desk and asked who it was. He said, “She sounds really cheerful and happy”.

Seltmann’s voice is soft and sweet and charming and matches the style of the music perfectly. She’s Australian and I believe I read somewhere that she’s working on a project with another one of my loves, Sarah Blasko. Heaven!!

I love the fun and marchy Dream About Changing. But honestly I freaking love every song on here. Every. One.

You guys, I love this album so much. It’s seriously at the top of my favorites list for this year. Love love love. Get it. Now.

Track Listing
1. Harmony To My Heartbeat
2. Set Me Free
3. On The Borderline
4. Book Song
5. Dream About Changing
6. Heart That’s Pounding
7. I Tossed A Coin
8. Happy
9. The Truth
10. Sentimental Seeker
11. 5 Stars
12. Dark Blue Angel

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