Album Review: Honey by Ariel S Lee

Album Name: Honey
Artist: Ariel S Lee
Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Ariel S Lee is a talented singer and pianist and this minimalistic record serves her well. The title song is replete with irony and it proves a sassy putdown to an ex. Lee’s piano playing is exceptional here.

“Traveller” is a gorgeous ballad. Lee sings of a positive love and is very moving.

“Walk All Over” is upbeat musically but warns a woman about messing with the wrong kind of man. Lee makes the combination work.

“Georgia” is about “The other woman” and doesn’t mince its words.

The record ends with an unusual move, an interview with the artist. It’s listed, as a track on the official release too so it’s not just a press thing.

Very nice move since it gives us insight into the singer’s mind. It’s a great record.

Posted on March 29, 2006

Track Listing
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1. Honey
2. Traveller
3. Seven Stories
4. Walk All Over
5. Close To You
6. Georgia
7. Diamonds
8. Home
9. Lilian
10. Interview

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