Album Review: Honeymoon Punch by Jenn Grant

Album Name: Honeymoon Punch
Artist: Jenn Grant
Year/Label: 2011 / Six Shooter Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I first heard of Jenn Grant when I saw that she’d be on the Ships and Dip cruise (the only female, by the way, which is another beef for another post). So when I saw she’d be on the boat, I quickly downloaded her previous album, Echoes.

About a week later this one popped up in my inbox. I hadn’t really spent enough time with the other one to make comparisons, but the general consensus is that her second record is much happier and peppier.

We open with the great line, “You look like a movie start from this angleā€¦” and it grows into a great lively pop song with electric guitars and slightly distorted vocals.

Before getting this album, I had seen the video online for Getcha Good which I was immediately addicted to.

How cute and fun is that?

The rest of the album is just as good. Not the same, mind you, but good. Very good.

She gets a little more subdued on Paradise Mountain using echoey background vocals and acoustic guitar.

All Year is reminiscent of Ingrid Michaelson. Sweet, catchy fun pop.

Heart of Sticks is another favorite.

I will add that she’s so fun to see live. She’s the only artist on the boat who I saw play every time she had a show (at least all her scheduled ones). She is silly and quirky and someone I wanted to have drinks with. She talked a lot and I love that in a live act.

But until you can see her live, snap up this album, it’s great. Then when she plays my living room (dreaming) you’ll know all the songs!

Track Listing
1. Oh My Heart
2. How I met You
3. Baby’s Been Away
4. Paradise Mountain
5. All Year
6. Getcha Good
7. Parliament of Owls
8. Heart of Sticks
9. Walk Away
10. Stars to Waves

[Jenn Grant Official Site]

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