Album Review: How to Have Sex with Canadians By The DoneFors

THE DONEFORS: How to Have Sex With Canadians

Album Name: How to Have Sex with Canadians
Artist: The DoneFors
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Their CDBaby page says RIYL: Beatles, Joni Mitchell. Is that a joke? I don’t know how much more disparate you can get unless you add the Sex Pistols to the list. Well, the Donefors don’t sound like any of those if you ask me. But judging by their promo package and their website they do have a healthy sense of humor. But you may have guessed that by reading the title of the record.

The lead female vocals (by Janice Stoll) have a bit of a 60s pop sound. When pop music had a little touch of a jazzy sound to it. Her voice is very likeable.

She’s also the composer and lyricist and a skilled one at that. The songs have fun, interesting melodies and the lyrics are smart and clever if not always quite as happy as the tempo may have you believe.

A particular stand out example:

I’m a drunken lollipop
Lick my tattoo
I find you kind of pervie
That’s what I say to you
But you don’t speak a lick of English
So honey as you were
I’ll save my regrets for the morning

-from Lemons From Argentina

This is one record I want to have more time with. I have a feeling if I could listen to it and just it for a long time I’d be in love. But I have 30 other CDs to get to.
If I get a chance to come back to this one, I will write more.

Track Listing
1. The Narrator
2. In a Cornfield
3. Mouthful of Marbles
4. Lemons from Argentina
5. One By One
6. In My Blood
7. The King and Me
8. Crazy Eight
9. Septembre en France
10. On Scarlet
11. Red Fish
12. The Last Thing You Do

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