Album Review: Hushaboo by Iris Leu

Album Name: Hushaboo
Artist: Iris Leu
Year/Label: 2009 / Muzzlepuff Music

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I LOVE this record. I reviewed Iris Leu’s previous release, [Permanent Transient] in 2007. I liked it very much, but I don’t recall being this blown away.

I do remember thinking she reminded me of Tara MacLean and even Sarah McLachlan at times, which is a very nice thing indeed. It was an EP at only 5 songs, so new music from her was highly anticipated. I’m happy to report that I am in no way disappointed. In fact, I may go as far as to say I’m downright giddy.

Her voice is as beautiful as ever. Her songwriting, while I’d say it’s improved some, is still very much in the vein of the above mentioned ladies. Piano based, slightly ethereal, layered, lush, and gorgeous.

The previous record was markedly sad. It was full of themes of loss and hopelessness. The lyrics are not included in this record, which is a little disappointing. I like to read and listen together. I couldn’t find them online either. But what I could pick out sounds more hopeful than her previous release:

For example, “This could be so beautiful‚Ķ” on Manifesto; which sounds a LOT like my Sarah (McLachlan, if that’s not obvious.)

Ipso Facto is more uptempo…

So far I like all the songs. She’s also inspiring me to host concerts again and decorate the space/stage area with lots of flowy drapes/curtains, and tall candelabras.

This is a really beautiful album. I want to give it more time. I wish I wasn’t so behind on reviews. But I’m thinking this is an early favorite!

Track Listing
1 For Keeps
2 Hush
3 Twentyone
4 Ipso Facto
5 Hollowville
6 Four Seasons
7 The Red Bird
8 Dive
9 Manifesto
10 After All Is Done

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