Album Review: I Am Here by Susan Mahoney

Album Name: I Am Here
Artist: Susan Mahoney
Year/Label: 2005 / Maple Music Group

Review by Sally Jones

‘I Am Here’ is the debut CD album release from Scottish based singer/songwriter Susan Mahoney. The album contains a collection of acoustic songs that include ballads and some mid-tempo laid-back songs.

Mahoney writes from her personal experience of life and will also write from a fictional biographical viewpoint. Thus, the songs cover a range of topics such as love, nature, addiction and spiritual growth.

‘Looking for Love’ has a very ‘summery’ feel to it, written sometime in late spring and inspired by the sensuality of nature, the song is about a time when people begin to look at the opposite sex for fulfillment.

‘Shiver’ is a suitable follow-up in its description of the spine-tingling sensations associated with physical attraction!

Then, there’s the sublime ‘Stepfather’, a song about the difficulty a step dad has in loving his stepson.

‘I Am Here’, the title album track is about the energetic presence in all things and how everyone is connected at Source.

‘And My Love’ is a beautiful ballad that pays homage to the natural beauty of Scotland, Mahoney’s homeland. Mahoney’s voice itself is very honest with a cool delivery of her stories in a mature fashion. This is a voice with clear, warm, mellow tones that will leave you feeling very relaxed, yet inspired.

To say that this album is diverse is an understatement. But what’s more remarkable is that whilst the subject matter can be profound in most songs, the overall feel is still light. Mahoney writes very melodic tunes that keep the listener interested.

Overall, ‘I Am Here’ is a classic album that offers some great songs delivered by a unique and honest voice that is a rare discovery in the music world today.

Posted on January 27, 2005

Track Listing
1. A Long Lonely Road
2. Chanse Soleil
3. Looking For Love
4. Cloud 9
5. And My Love
6. The Way I Feel Now
7. Spirit Rise
8. Shiver
9. New Horizon
10.The Stepfather
11.I Am Here
12.Goodnight Song

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Rating: 5 Stars
Comment: Great album, most of the lyrics to most of the songs have a deep significance to me from a spiritual perspective. Truly inspiring for those endeavouring to live in the present moment and connect with our true being beyond time. A timeless classic.
name: Bob on Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rating: 5 Stars
Comment: Well, lot of this stuff about. Lot of females singing exactly those sort of lyrics. It’s better to be really honest. I think Susan should write more truthfully and be less ‘clever’ with the lyrics. Great voice but music could do with more of a rip-roarin’ punch now and then, Letin’ it all hang out a little more often. Anyway, just my humble opinion. Good luck.
name: Jimmy Jumbo

Rating: 4 Stars
Comment: Great music, great songs, beautiful voice, very pleased.
name: Janet Pinkerton on Sunday, August 28, 2005

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