Album Review: In Parentheses by Charlotte Martin

Album Name: In Parentheses
Artist: Charlotte Martin
Year/Label: 2003 / RCA

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I was first introduced to Charlotte Martin through Terami Hirsch. The two are friends and Terami recommended that I give Charlotte a listen. I did and fell for her music instantly. I got Test Drive Songs from CD Baby and listened to it quite a bit so I was very happy when I got an email that someone wanted to send me her new EP In Parentheses to review.

Charlotte’s voice is a tad Tori, a tad Fiona only somehow she comes across much sweeter than both of those other ladies. Tori scares me and Fiona intimidates me. But Charlotte I want to have a drink with. She just comes across that way. Her piano playing is exceptional and the songwriting is very well thought out and expertly put together. The production value on CD is very good too.

Of the four songs here, the only one I’d heard previously is “Pretty Thing”. This is a tad reworked from the version I had heard and it’s still a fabulous song.

“Your Armor” is probably the most stripped down song here. Not much more than her piano and vocals. It’s gorgeous.

“Monster” is very radio friendly. It’s got everything that will make those who hear it run out and purchase the EP.

In my opinion the title track is the standout here though. This song is one of those that is a “perfect song” to me. It has highs and lows, soft and loud, lots of emotion and movements. I’ve always loved these types of songs. This one has been in my head almost constantly for 3 weeks.

I want this CD to go on forever. That would be the ONLY downfall. It’s simply not long enough! I sure hope the record company will let her put out a full length CD soon.

Posted on August 18, 2003

Track Listing
1. Your Armour
2. In Parentheses
3. Pretty Thing
4. Monster

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Comments: Rating: 5 Stars Comment: I love the song “In Parentheses.” I just wanted to know if there was any sheet music for the song. name: Elizabeth on Monday, August 22, 2005

Rating: 4 Stars I was introduced lastnight to Charlotte’s music, and her charming personality. Aside from being incredibly talented, she is the type of girl who hasn’t let her success go to her head. She is completely down-to-earth, and her music gave me the chills.
~April Lennox Thursday, May 20, 2004

Rating: 1 Star
Creativity, sincerity, and honesty are vital, once lost they are hard to regain. Charlotte Martin is walking that fine line, I believe she just may fall into the black hole that her words are building and with today’s media become the next Coldplay. Think about it!

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