Album Review: In Progess by Robin Renee

Album Name: In Progess
Artist: Robin Renee
Year/Label: 2001 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Robin Renée’s debut album is a powerful record. The fiery songwriter already has a distinctive personality and a fascinating voice.

The opening track “Empire” is a dynamic rock track while her sensitive side shines through on “Butterfly Jar”.

“Lyin´ All the Time” has hit written all over it. Renée should appeal to fans of Ani DiFranco and other strong singers who prefer to remain independent.

March 1, 2001

Track Listing
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2. For Today
3. Progress
4. Silent Partner
5. Butterfly Jar
6. I Could Love You
7. Spiritual Ink
8. The Beginning
9. Salt Lake Mirror
10. Pennies And Perfume
11. Lyin’ All The Time
12. I Don’t Wear Sweaters
13. Talking To Walls

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