Album Review: Independent Thought by Sharon Allitt

Album Name: Independent Thought
Artist: Sharon Allitt
Year/Label: 2001 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

This is Sharon Allitt’s second CD (her first was “Dredging up Daisies” in 1999) and she is currently in the studio putting together the third.

She reminds me of Joan Baez and other 60s music ladies in both looks and voice. She appears, at least on the CD back cover photo, to have just stepped out of the late 60s. Then her voice has a deep, resonant and warm tone that many artists of that decade have.

She sings of love, mostly, but doesn’t everyone, really?

“Ain’t No Time” is a musical warning that sounds like it could have been a Jefferson Airplane tune. The songwriting as well as the tone of the song has a “White Rabbit” feel to it.

“Sometimes it’s Easier” is a sad song about letting go:

sometimes it’s easier to say goodbye rather than stay and fight for the love of your life I thought we’d go on and on but something’s end all on their own

Her sound is quite distinctive (even though it reminds me of other, older stuff) and most songs sound much like each other at first and second listens. But I find her lyrics quite interesting.

So put on your hip huggers and love beads, light some incense, sit cross legged on the floor, put on this CD and be transported to another time.

Posted on July 26, 2002

Track Listing
1.I Want to Know Why
2. Sable
3. Something’s Wrong Here
4. Aint’ No Time
5. Never
6. Believe in Dreams
7. Sometimes it’s Easier
8. White Dress
9. Bend
10. Independent Thought
11. Buddha
12. Go Now
13. Tidal (Instrumental)

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