Album Review: Joanne Juskus by Joanne Juskus

Album Name: Joanne Juskus
Artist: Joanne Juskus
Year/Label: 2001 / Rudderfish Music

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Joanne Juskus has a crystalline voice and a sweet folk sound to match it. Her debut album is a very fine collection of songs. From the dreamy “Never be the Same” to the sensual “Taste of You” the quality of the tracks is high.

“Within Your Fire” uses eastern touches and a lyric about love as a consuming fire to a marvellous result. Juskus recalls early Joni Michell in voice and material.

Her record is brave and beautiful.

Review by Digman

Vocally speaking (singing) Joanne Juskus’ self-titled CD is a thesaurus of word-sight…sound. Featuring a unique style of word rendering and employed vocal visualization techniques, Juskus interprets and then performs at a high spectrum level of processed and then produced lyrical thought!

Containing thirteen waveforms (tracks) Juskus and Brad Allen her producer, co-writer and multi-instrumentalist, display (demonstrate) a superior intellectual logic in compositional writing techniques.

Embellished by sound-producing agents (musicians)

Eric Dewaardt – viola, Don Berkemeyer – flute, vocals, Phil Swaybe – violin, Stellar Prince – drums, Rick Plouffe – drums, Bhagovan Dos – chanting, Brad Allen – many, many instruments and Joanne Juskus – piano mechanics, voice. This CD requires and singing(ly) demands, a Creative, active, listener!

Beginning with the first melodic movement (track) “Never Be The Same”, Juskus offers to the listener a purity of soprano soul and continues this purity (vocal coloratura) within the passages (passing notes) of each and every song. But it is her last song that is best – “Birthday”! A simplistic yet graceful song that is devastating beautiful…Suffice it to say – It is (she is) lovely!

POSTED February 10, 2002

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1. Never Be the Same
2. Meet You There
3. Intersection
4. Waters of March
5. The Taste of You
6. Breathing Underwater
7. I am
8. Within Your Fire
9. Wish
10. Good Thing
11. 2 Days in July
12. New Religion
13. Birthday

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