Album Review: Jonestown by Sofia Talvik

Album Name: Jonestown
Artist: Sofia Talvik
Year/Label: 2008 / Makaki Music

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Sofia Talvik has just released her new album, which takes its name from the town where a sect committed mass-suicide. The album is far from harrowing, but has melancholy to spare.

My James Dean features Talvik’s sweet vocals set against an urgent melody.

Diamonds is a lovely and elegantly played, Talvik’s singing is beautiful as ever.
The song’s arrangement is very well done and adds to the songs sound.

Arms and Amour is a soft and appealing song about daring to be open to life and love. The melody is instantly familiar in a good way.

The title song ends the album on a wistful, but not downbeat note.

Talvik’s voice has such simple beauty to it and the words are good. This album really shows Talvik from her best side.

Track Listing
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1 As Summers Pass
2 My James Dean
3 At the End
4 Diamonds
5 Something Good
6 Burning Fields
7 Arms and Armour
8 Clown
9 Lower Case Letters
10 Summer Ended Yesterday
11 Prove Me Wrong
12 Jonestown

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