Album Review: Limited Edition by by Judith Owen

Album Name: Limited Edition
Artist: Judith Owen
Year/Label: 2002 / Dog On The Bed Music

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I’m told that Judith Owen was recently on “The Simpsons”. After hearing her CD I’m very sorry I missed it.

“Limited Edition” is Judith Owen’s second recording. Her first is “Emotions on a Postcard” (also available on her web site).

I liked this recording on first listen. She actually reminds me of Danish artist, Marie Frank. You probably aren’t familiar with her unless you’ve read this site top to bottom. But moving on…

Judith’s voice is sensual, strong and has a fabulous range. The music is very well written and accompanied by Judith on piano along with a full band, which gives this CD a rich well-produced sound.

There are some great songs here like the rockin’ “Get Into It” and the beautiful ballad, “I Promise You” where her voice really shines. “Hell and Back Again” showcases her emotional piano playing. “She’s Alright” has HIT written all over it.

This is a great CD with a solid rock-pop feel. A winner in all respects.

Posted on January 18 2002

Track Listing
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1. He’s Ordinary
2. Creatures of Habit
3. She’s Alright
4. Let’s hear It For Love
5. Get Into It
6. Mother Mercy
7. I Promise You
8. Hell And Back Again
9. Crash The Car
10. Shine
11. Diabolyne
12. Who’s That Girl
13. Message From Heaven

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