Album Review: Lion & Blue by Kat Terran

Album Name: Lion & Blue
Artist: Kat Terran
Year/Label: 2003 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Kat Terran will not be on “American Idol”, that’s for sure. But, I mean that as a compliment. Her voice tends to wail a bit, sometimes slightly off key catching the listener off-guard but always interesting and captivating.

This is her first full-length CD. She did release a demo but it is now out of print though you can hear the songs at (not anymore)

The sound is hard to describe. She’s not folk; there is too much “noise” and string arrangement for that. She’s not rock, she’s less “hard” than that. She’s not really alternative because she’s not that odd. But maybe that still gives you an idea of what I’m hearing, anyway. She focuses mainly on guitar but also incorporates percussion and strings.

“Aspen Tree” is an attention getter, as it should be since it’s the opening song.

“…The keepers they’re out dancing
Such a lovely sight to see
They are pounding the earth is shaking
Howling creatures while they keep…”

“Southwest Window” is probably my favorite track. The guitar, though slightly more interesting here than on other songs, is mixed down a little more and her voice is allowed to shine. This song could probably qualify as folk.

I also really like “Dolls” which is downright haunting, vocally, musically and lyrically.

“…My little dolls my little ladies
I hoard them everything my playmates
Arrange them down the hallway
Display them from the ceiling for everyone…”

This is a well put together CD that may not be for everyone, it took me a few listens to “get it” (if I do) but if you are a little adventurous it’s for you.

Posted on April 16, 2003

Track Listing
1. Aspen Tree
2. Curious Girl
3. Baltic Soldier
4. Iris
5. Caravan
6. Southeast Window
7. Boa Constrictor
8. Three Friends
9. Dolls
10. The Sea
11. Daydream in the Afternoon

[Kat Terran Official Site]


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