Album Review: Love is a Hunter by Rae Spoon

Album Name: Love is a Hunter
Artist: Rae Spoon
Year/Label: 2010 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I heard one or two songs by Rae Spoon and I liked what I’d heard. Then I got the whole album, and I wasn’t so sure.

At times, it sounds like multiple songs playing at once. I’ve had to turn it off before to see if a website is playing something. But it never is. This is the second CD like that in the last few months. It’s weird. I will say, the album sounds better louder.

Her style is basically folky guitar and quirky vocals (good vocals, just quirky!)

For the most part, the songs are similar to each other, though there are a few standouts.

I REALLLY Like Dangerdangerdanger although I think her vocals are goofier than usual on this one. She’s got some sort of flutter effect happening. But the song is super catchy.

U-Bahn is also different. It’s almost techno-electronic. Shades of Bjork here.

In all, a good record, albeit strange at times. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Track Listing
1. Death By Elektro
2. We Can’t Be Lovers With These Guns On Each Other
3. Love Is A Hunter
4. You Can Dance
5. Lighthouse
6. You Like All The Parties
7. Joan
8. dangerdangerdanger
9 Monsters
10 U-bahn
11 bethelightbethelightbethelight

[Rae Spoon Official Site]

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