Album Review: My Heart’s Desire by Margo Reymundo

MARGO REYMUNDO: My Heart's Desire

Album Name: My Heart’s Desire
Artist: Margo Reymundo
Year/Label: 2009 / Organica Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I don’t know why but I was not expecting to like this but I really do. This record has a Jazz club sound with a little Latin touch on some tracks.

Her voice reminds me at times of Martina Sorbara. It’s got a cute squeak to it. Noticeable in My Heart’s Desire, for example, which is really cool.

She does Ain’t No Sunshine and it’s good, it’s very different, but I still like it.

She also does a cover of The Police’s Wrapped Around Your Finger which is also cool, haunting still, but the original was also. But I will say it goes on a long time, maybe more than it needs to at nearly 8 minutes. She then follows it up with an 18 second track.

Most of the other songs are her originals and they’re all lovely.

Between Us sounds like a movie song to me. She does that cool scratchy thing a lot on this track too.

Picture This is another stand out. It has an retro feel, like maybe early 60s cocktail sound. Very nice. Perhaps my favorite track.

I just realized that I’ve reviewed her before! It was for an album she put out with her band, Evolve. [That] was electronic and very different from this (and had one of the best album titles ever).

I was going to say I wish the CD was longer, but there are actually 13 songs on it, so I guess I like it even more than I thought.

Track Listing
1. My Heart’s Desire
2. Tell Me
3. Wrapped Around Your Finger
4. Andrew
5. Between Us
6. Picture This
7. You Belong to Me
8. Picture the Way Back
9. The Way Back
10. Strap In
11. I Saw You
12. Ain’t No Sunshine
13. Chimes
14. Couldn’t be More Wrong
15. Thank You

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