Album Review: Offering by Rajna

Album Name: Offering
Artist: Rajna
Year/Label: 2010 / Equilibrium Music

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

This is French group Rajna’s ninth album, and it should please fans of the ethereal vocals genre. Jeanne and Fabrice Lefebvre make music like a European answer to Dead Can Dance. This record has an almost tribal and mystic sound that seems pretty unique.

Cycleades sees a classically haunting tune bringing out the best in Jeanne Lefebvre’s gorgeous vocals. The Mediterranean influence is very strong througout this track.

Eleusis radiates and almost unreal sense of calm yet is stirring and fluid. The vocals are lovely as ever.

The Dance of Cleomene is obviously haunting and could make anyone cry with its sublime melody.

The Quiet Hour features Aret Madilian from Deleyman on guest vocals and has lyrics based on a poem by C.J Dennis. It’s a fitting and gorgeous exit point for this stunning album.

Track Listing
01. The Arrival
02. Ephesus
03. Cycléades
04. Epidauros
05. Illa Saldé
06. Eleusis
07. Offering
08. The Dance of Cléomene
09. Never Land
10. Quiet Hour

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