Album Review: Penumbra by Rosin Coven

Album Name: Penumbra
Artist: Rosin Coven
Year/Label: 2000 / Pagan Lounge productions

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

What exactly is pagan lounge music? If you don’t know Rosin Coven will educate you on this cd.

Their music is original, occasionally resembling Rasputina, but mostly it is its own self.

Like Rasputina, Rosin Coven use cellos in unique ways.

“Bury Me” has sweet vocals and a relaxed mood contrasting the truly eerie lyrics.

“Tabernacle” has some astonishing vocal harmonies and beautiful use of the cello.

“Jalousie” is half serious, half jokey song of jealousy that will appeal to anyone who has been afflicted by the green-eyed monster.

“Penumbra” is an invigorating record from a band who are very adept at their craft.

Posted on April 19, 2002

Track Listing

1. Bed For Blossom
2. Bury Me
3. Alchemy
4. Tabernacle
5. Mr. Moon
6. Empty Jar
7. Bittersweet
8. August on the Vine
9. Lion Song
10. Bodyless Devotion
11. Now You Know
12. Jalousie
13. Obliquely Yours

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