Album Review: Sick of Sarah by Sick of Sarah

Album Name: Sick of Sarah
Artist: Sick of Sarah
Year/Label: 2008 / Adamant Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Sick of Sarah is a band from my hometown, Minneapolis, MN. They have a cool rock edgy sound using interesting melodies and fun beats. The vocals are perfect for the songs, which are well-composed, and the musicianship is first rate.

The name comes from a band member’s roommate who was sick of her name (Sarah, obvy). So no one is actually sick of someone named Sarah, though that would be funnier.

Daisies is a great way to open the album. It’s jumpy and energetic and makes me want to move, though my co-workers may frown on that. Probably better to listen to at home. And also listen at a higher volume level than I am allowed in my cubicle.

Not Listening is also a stand out, it seems to be one that catches my attention frequently.

Paint Like That
is really cool. It’s a nice folky pop song, simpler with mostly vocals and guitar (and a titch of reverb) that really shows of the fantastic vocals of Abisha Uhl.

Breakdown reminds me of Tegan and Sara

They’ve represented a few styles here, showing that they’re very good at all of them. I am proud and happy that they’re in Minneapolis and hope I can see them live soon as I am sure they will rock my socks.

Track Listing
1. Daisies
2. Bittersweet
3. Not Listening
4. Give Me A Reason
5. Fall
6. Hardest Part
7. Common Mistake
8. Mr. Incredible
9. Paint Like That
10. Breakdown

[Sick of Sarah on Adamant Records Site]
[Sick of Sarah on My Space]


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