Album Review: Soak by Rachel Farris

Album Name: Soak
Artist: Rachel Farris
Year/Label: 2003 / Big 3

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Review by Darryl Smith

Rachel Farris: A Hidden Gem

One day I was searching through some music sites and I came upon the name Rachel Farris. I knew nothing about her so I went to her web site and downloaded a clip of her single “I’m Not the Girl”. I was immediately captivated by her incredible voice. To say she is an amazing singer is such an understatement it doesn’t do her justice. I ran out and bought her CD “Soak” immediately.

“Soak” is one of those CDs that I can just listen to over and over and over again and never get tired of it. Every song on the album is just amazing. One of the best qualities Rachel possesses is her song writing skills. Every song is like a chapter of her life that she is putting out for anyone who wants to listen. It’s almost like you get to know Rachel through her lyrics and I know myself I can identify with every one of her songs. I will give my attempt at a song by song review of Soak…

“You Think”: A song about a guy who thinks he can have Rachel and another woman too. “You think you can have me and have her hanging on…” is an example of the powerful lyrics Rachel writes. I am sure many women can relate to this song and a lot of guys should listen to this song and take the words to heart and not cheat on their girlfriends/wives.

“I Am Not the Girl”: This is a classic hit and why it’s not tearing up radio and MTV and VH1 I will never know. It’s pretty much the story of her life. All her life people have been trying to tell Rachel to change her style and change her into someone she is not. But Rachel has always resisted this kind of thing and this is a song about it! And oh yeah, it can be about a relationship too! “I am not the girl you thought I would be, I will never be, so get over me. I am not the girl I am going to be…” This song will get stuck in your head which is a good thing!

“Soak”: This is a rocking song that should also be a huge hit! It’s a really catchy upbeat song that will have you singing all day.

“I Should Go”: This is a mid tempo song about breaking off a relationship. It’s one of those songs everyone can relate to no matter how old you are. Rachel’s song writing skills really shine through on this amazing song.

“So Good”: This is a song about the ending of a relationship. It’s such an awesome song because Rachel expresses her anger at this person but also she expresses her pain she is feeling because she still has feelings for this person in the song. It’s another song that showcases Rachel’s incredible song writing skills and also her vocals shine in this song. It’s really a powerful song that has even brought tears to my eyes at times.

“I Guess This is Love”: This is another slower song that is just awesome. It’s about the pain of a relationship.

“I guess this is love when it hurts so bad you think you’d rather die
I guess this is love when your thrown around between the lows and highs
I guess this is love when all you really want just kisses you good-bye.”

If that isn’t lyrics anyone can relate to I don’t know what is! The music and vocal skills Rachel has are so powerful they will just blow you away.

“The End”: The song title says it all. It’s the ultimate break up song. It’s a sad song but it’s certainly a song that anyone can relate to. I know I sound like a broken record but again, awesome vocals and amazing song writing on this one too!

“Paint the Truth”: This is one of my many favorites on the album. Rachel wants to know the truth! Rachel is truly an artist and she paints with her voice as she tells us in this song. She wants to paint the truth! My personal interpretation of this song is Rachel is talking about wanting to write and sing about things that are personal to her and not something someone else tells her to write and sing about! This song is a hidden treasure that I really hope doesn’t stay hidden!

“Wild”: Here is an upbeat song about finally finding love! Finally a positive song after all the sad songs! It has a really catchy beat and really sweet lyrics. This will have you singing and dancing!

“In A Field”: This song is a beautiful song that I can just visualize in my head. I visualize a warm summer day with a beautiful field filled with flowers and children playing. It’s also about relationships too. This is another positive “relationship” song. It’s almost as Rachel is reminiscing of the early days of a relationship and it’s just a sweet song that showcases all her many talents.

“It’s All You”: Another favorite of mine! It’s an upbeat song that tells you to have fun and let out the kid! This is one song that everyone should listen to and take to heart! It’s a fun song and I predict this could be a huge hit! “It’s all you, and only you can have it!”

“Beautiful”: This is the perfect song to end this amazing album. This is a very powerful, emotional song. Again, Rachel’s vocals and song writing skills are just brilliant.

“Soak” is by far my favorite album of 2003 and if you buy this album yourself I am sure you will soon say the same thing! So please buy this album and help this hidden gem come out of hiding and become a household name!! I know I want to hear more from Rachel Farris and you will too when you hear this album!

Posted on November 15, 2003

Track Listing
1. You Think
2. I Am Not the Girl
3. Soak
4. I Should Go
5. So Good
6. I Guess This is Love
7. The End
8. Paint the Truth
9. Wild
10. In a Field
11. It’s All You
12. Beautiful

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Rating: 5 Stars
You really should tell everyone you know about Rachel and her music. I purchased her CD even though I had never heard of her while I was on vacation and it hasn’t left my CD player since! Just get the word out and encourage others to try new things even if they’ve never heard of it!

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