Album Review: Song Inside Me by Michele Lundeen

Album Name: Song Inside Me
Artist: Michele Lundeen
Year/Label: 2005 / Independent

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Review by Anne Demingc

Sweet Jesus what a voice! Move over Janice Joplin, Bonnie Raitt and Stevie (both of ‘em Wonder AND Ray Vaughn) – Michele Lundeen has just out sung each and every damn one of you!

First off, I should be horse whipped. I’ve had the CD for about 2 months without realizing it. But honestly my punishment has been missing out on the music. (Sorry, sorry, sorry)

With her debut CD, Song Inside Me, released out of San Diego, California on Milestone Music, Lundeen oozes this weird, rather soulful sound. It’s sexy blues with a ton of depth and maturity wrapped up in each gem of a song. Imagine a tawny port, or an aged scotch: rich, bold, smoky and expensive. This music is like getting a high priced hooker for the bargain price of ten dollars.

An interesting aspect of the CD is the fact that she serenades the actual blues. The entire CD is literally about singing the blues, living the blues; the ups, the downs, the heartache – everything – is so intense the listener cannot help but be sucked into the music.

Soul Inside Me is a collection of tunes to sing to, smoke to, drink to, dance to and make love to – whatever you decide (and be careful if you’re listening in the car while driving) it’s going to be funky and fun. And with such a powerful voice, just when you think it’s too much, Lundeen will pull it back and hit you with her raspy, bedroom vocals during “No Money No Honey (Blues)”.

My sole confession is that I’m sorry to be a heterosexual-engaged-white-woman as the urge to pick up, move to San Diego and become a groupie (not to mention a lesbian – Michele? Are you interested?) is so strong that I’ve just handcuffed myself to my computer desk. Michele Lundeen, please have mercy on me!


Posted on June 2, 2005

Track Listing
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1. Blues Is A Feeling
2. Song Inside Me
3. Voodoo Man
4. All Day Blues
5. Free At Last
6. You’re Gonna Make Me Cry
7. I’m Still Laughing
8. No Money No Honey
9. Starting All Over
10. Darlin’ You Know I Love You
11. Qualify My Love
12. I Need A Dog

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