Album Review: Stark by Gregory Douglass

Album Name: Stark
Artist: Gregory Douglass
Year/Label: 2005 / Emote Records

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Review by Amy Elle Producer of Collected Sounds

I confess, have a soft spot in my heart for Gregory Douglass. I first heard him last year when he wrote to me and professed his love for many of the same artists I adore. So when I realized he was also a musician I was pretty sure I’d like his music. He sent me a couple of CDs and I was right. He’s just fabulous (doesn’t hurt that he’s quite a hottie as well).

The new album, “Stark” was recently released so now I have a new CD to obsess over.

There is something about Douglass’ voice that is so homey, comfortable. Almost lullaby-like. The music is also very calming (at times, make no mistake, he can turn it up a notch or three as well).

The music ranges from soft whispery piano sweetness (“Alibis”) to full-on pop orchestrations with a strong voice (“Sail the Sea”). He has quite a range indeed. Though for the most part, the general feel of the CD is more of the soft “ballad” type.

I am also impressed with not only his songwriting and his vocals, but he also plays piano and guitar. That sort of talent can’t go unnoticed for too long. I said it in my last review and I mean it still, “Why is he not famous?!”

I really do adore all these songs, but I have a special fondness for “Sail the Sea”

Posted on September 1, 2005

Track Listing
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1. Crazy Love
2. Upside Down
3. Under The Gun
4. Sail The Sea
5. Promises
6. Liar
7. Where Did The Music Go?
8. Dry
9. Alibis
10. Goodbye
11. Better Tomorrow

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