Album Review: Stimulator 2 by Stimulator


Album Name: Stimulator 2
Artist: Stimulator
Year/Label: 2009 / Valley of Pillboxes

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

I’ve reviewed Stimulator here in the past, and am delighted to hear their new album. Susan Hyatt continues to be a stunning singer and a captivating frontwoman.

Opener Holiday is carefree and catchy as well. The new wave mood from the previous cd is still here, but this record seems more relaxed.

French Cinema is a nice ballad that allows Hyatt to show a sensitive side, and she handles it well. The band makes it poignant and true to their sound.

The strident Bigger and Better reminds me of the Pretenders, in their seventies heyday. Hyatt’s vocals are clearly her own, but she shares Hynde’s ability to sound tough and tender.

Last album they risked their credibility by covering Olivia Newton-John and here it’s Captain and Tennille’s Love Will Keep Us Together that gets an irony-free makeover. It’s a good version bringing out the melody but minus the cheese.

Elsewhere Hyatt raps like Debbie Harry did on Rapture and keeps the party going.

It’s a good record for such occasions, pop with no fuss.

Track Listing
1. Holiday
2. Rockland
3. French Cinema
4. Friday’s Millionaires
5. Bigger and Better
6. Aloha
7. In Fashion
8. Love Will Keep Us Together
9. Gentlemen Prefer Polaroids
10. Tv Lovers

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