Album Review: Sweet Life by Catie Curtis

Album Name: Sweet Life
Artist: Catie Curtis
Year/Label: 2008 / Compass Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I have been aware of Catie Curtis for years, since I saw her open for Dar Williams in concert here in Minneapolis. But it wasn’t until her 2006 release, [Long Night Moon] that I got around to reviewing her. That album grabbed me by the heart and never let go. It made it onto my best of list that year and I still listen to it with some frequency.

There is something so homey and wonderful about Catie’s voice. It feels like a friend. I could listen to her for days.

She has such an amazing knack for writing lyrics that can make you smile and/or weep (sometimes at the same time…or I that just me?)

Sweet Life is a lovely love song about the loves of the past and the now. Not knowing what was missing until it was no longer missing.

If I had to pick a song that would be the hit it would be ‘Happy’. It’s very radio-friendly and well, just friendly in general.

What You Can’t Believe is interesting. Near as I can tell it’s about learning something really surprising about someone you love and/or thought you knew very well. To me it sounds like she just found out her partner doesn’t believe in god. There’s sort of that, “really? How come I didn’t know that? Really?’ Not judgmental at all, which I love, just surprise.

Though this album hasn’t immediately moved me the same way the previous one did, I think it will over time. There are some amazing songs here and if you like her style, and the style of the genre this is a must have.

Track Listing
1. Sweet Life
2. Are You Ready to Fly?
3. Everything Waiting to Grow
4. For Now
5. Happy
6. What You Can’t Believe
7. Lovely
8. Sing
9. Soul Meets Body
10. Fools
11. Princess and the Mermaid
12. Over

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