Album Review: The Birth and Death of Meaning by The Debutante Hour

Album Name: The Birth and Death of Meaning
Artist: The Debutante Hour
Year/Label: 2010 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

The Debutante Hour plays charmingly retro though not necessarily nostalgic music.

Opener Your Worldview Gets Me Down has sweet vocals and sharp words, and an accordion to make for a lovely sound.
It sounds like Nellie McKay can look over her shoulder for this competition is very fierce.

Miracle Birth is a neat account of the birth of some deities with a delightfully skewed humor and spot on harmonies.

Organizing My Planner for Next Week is equally smart, the trio of Susan Hwang, Mia Pixley and Maria Sonevytsky bringing their attention to modern day problems like information overload. Musically it’s still the same old-fashioned yet fresh sound.

Sometimes I Wonder About the Creator of the Universe has a sweet melody to underpin its existential crisis. The lead vocal is astute and lovely.

Elsewhere there are songs about zombies and 4th dimensions and all done in the most charming way possible. It’s a great album to spend some time with.

Track Listing
1. Your Worldview Gets Me Down
2. Devil Song
3. Miracle Birth
4. Galax
5. Sunday In The Trailer
6. Watch Carrie Eat
7. Organizing My Planner For Next Week
8. For Myself
9. Sometimes I Wonder About The Creator Of The Universe
10. Zombies Are Zen
11. 4th Dimension
12. Croak, Hiss And Sputter
13. Scheherazade
14. Be Yourself

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