Album Review: The Furies Prayer by Aepril Schaile and the Judgement

Album Name: The Furies Prayer
Artist: Aepril Schaile and the Judgement
Year/Label: 2007 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Aepril Schaile scares me. The intensity on her and her bands debut album is frightening and persuasive. She makes a lot of noise at her piano and reminds me of Diamanda Galas.

Opener “You Murder Me” crackles with dynamic energy but is musically very sparse.

“This Place to Die” has some beautifully haunting piano passages and some of her best singing.

The bluesy strains of ”Flight from the Murder Tree” make for a good song. Schaile’s singing is gorgeous and the addition of a violin makes it even better.

The softer but still mysterious “Lau us Down” sees Schaile broadening her musical palette.

Aepril Schaile and her bands music wont be for everyone but to those who are adventurous it will be a tonic.

Posted on February 23, 2007

Track Listing
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1 You Murder Me
2 Disolutio
3 This Place to Die
4 Mirror/Spirits
5 Flight from the Murder Tree
6 Lay Us Down
7 Where Does the Devil Go
8 The Furies’ Prayer
9 Mary Lucifer
10 Alive Another Day

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