Album Review: The Nymphaeum by Angelwing

Album Name: The Nymphaeum
Artist: Angelwing
Year/Label: 2001 / Independent

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Review by Debbie Islas

The classic painting of naked nymphs by William A. Bouguereau graces the cover of the new Angelwing CD. It lures the would-be listener into a realm of fantasy and freedom.

Singer/songwriter Reenie Varga has tossed aside the doubts and fears that often hold an artist back from doing something truly original. Like the nymphs in Bouguereau’s painting have shed the binding corsets and heavy costumes of a Victorian age, Reenie’s lilting voice and compelling lyrics move the modern woman to liberate her soul. She gets us to the rest of the issue with ‘Radical Seed’. She reconnects us with the three faces of the goddess- the lust of the maiden, the love of the Mother and the wisdom of the crone. Three faces, one woman. I found myself singing this song in my car. It grabs you! Her second original song ‘Tears of Joy’ liberates us from being labeled “too” emotional. She invites us to cry, let the tears pour out, swim in them if need be! Those tears water the earth so that new relationships may burst forth. I felt the strength and beauty of a woman’s ability to express her emotions fully and freely. Her oil painting ‘the Nymph’ on the back cover of the CD shows us that this artist’s creativity will not be bound to any one medium. Her work is fresh, a must listen.

Erin Shawn Hawkins’ warm, rich voice blends beautifully with Reenie’s lilting soprano. You feel each woman’s spirit nurture the other’s, bringing out her personal best. Multi-talented Erin also lends her skillful cello playing to the project.

Behind these talented ladies stands an incredibly gifted man. Rick Costello of progressive rock roots with the band ‘Lost European’, has branched out with Angelwing ‘the nymphaeum’ moving in a whole new direction. His instrumentals stir the imagination. Acoustic and classical guitar, piano, cello and the sighs, sounds and songs of Reenie and Erin make for haunting melodies that flow like water. These mysterious instrumentals are the heart of ‘the nymphaeum’ and are the body of this first rate production. Add the spirit of two lovely ladies and ‘the nymphaeum’ is born. This music will both seduce and soothe you. To leave your stressful, structured world behind for a while, come, swim with the nymphs…

Posted on December 22, 2001

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1. Radical Seed
2. The Nymphaeum part I & II
3. The Nymphaeum part III
4. The Nymphaeum part IV
5. The Nymphaeum part 5
6. What a beautiful Sunset!
7. The Calling
8. Tears of Joy
9. Radical Seed (radio mix)
10. What a beautiful Sunset! (radio mix)

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