Album Review: The Reckoning by Kasey Anderson

Album Name: The Reckoning
Artist: Kasey Anderson
Year/Label: 2007 / Terra Soul Music

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Wow, track one, The Reckoning, is so dirty and dirgy it’s almost spooky. I love it.

Then we shift gears and we have straight up pop-rock…and good pop-rock at that.

His voice reminds me of someone but I am not sure who it is. Maybe it will come to me with more listens. Either way, it’s good and matches the music successfully. I think it might be Jakob Dylan of the Wallflowers (and Son of THE Dylan).

The songwriting reminds me of Bruce Springsteen a little. While I am reminded of other artists, I don’t want it to sound like he’s not original, because while he may pull from these other greats, he’s really good in his own right.

Wake Up will do just that. It’s a rockin bluesy number that has a ton of pep.

Then he can take it down a few notches too with For St. Ann’s which is a beautiful piano tune which really shows his voice. A lovely way to end a really cool record.

Posted on January 31, 2008

Track Listing
1. The Reckoning
2. Last Thin Line
3. Don’t Look Back
4. Long Way Home
5. Hometown Boys
6. Buddy Bolden’s Blues
7. Wake Up
8. You Don’t Live Here Anymore
9. Red Shadows
10. For St. Ann’s

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