Album Review: The Zeitgeist Beckons by Vagabond Opera

Album Name: The Zeitgeist Beckons
Artist: Vagabond Opera
Year/Label: 2010 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Vagabond Opera are not like other bands. They gleefully mix jazz, traditional songs and lord know what else on this concept album.

Welcome to the Opera proudly skirts through the various styles on offer, and Eric Stern makes us feel seasick with his intense delivery. You have to really buy into the idea to get it I suppose. But why wouldn’t you be?

Milord is a neat rendition of the Edith Piaf classic, with Leslie Kernochan giving it her best, while the band play along well.

Russian Jazz Waltz sounds like the title suggests, in a nice lilting way. It’s quite melancholy and suits the band just fine.

Minoushe continues the mischief with Eric Stern at his playful best.

The booklet has a hilarious summary of the supposed acts that take place in the narrative to the opera. That’s a story that must be read to be understood. This is a brave and perhaps foolish record, but it’s certainly worth hearing.

Track Listing
1. Chimaeras Be Met
2. Welcome to the Opera
3. Farewell Kabarista
4. Milord
5. Tango Til They’re Sore
6. Mon Amy
7. Russian Jazz Waltz
8. Bulgar Romani
9. Minoushe
10. Ganef
11. New Year’s Eve in a Haunted House
12. Amsterdam
13. The Party
14. Goodnight Moon
15. Very Extremely Super Important Legal Disclaimer

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