Album Review: Them Dirty Roads by Adam Hill

ADAM HILL: Them Dirty Roads

Album Name: Them Dirty Roads
Artist: Adam Hill
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I reviewed Adam Hill’s previous release, [Four Shades of Green], in 2007.

The prelude is pretty orchestral. Almost sounds like a Southern funeral processional. Don’t expect the rest of the CD to sound like this track. The rest is kinda bluegrassy. If I had to compare him to someone I guess it would be Wilco or SunVolt?

Fueled Up is really cool. It’s got a great beat.

On Intermezzo, it seems he’s making tea. You hear the filling up of the kettle, the click click click of the stove igniter and then the teakettle whistle.

State of Grace seems very familiar to me. Even on the first listen. That’s always a good sign.

This is one talented guy. There’s a photo on his myspace page where he’s holding /playing a ton of instruments at once. I realize that doesn’t mean he can do that, but I’m guessing he could.

Streetlamps and Stardust is another departure. It’s just piano and tinkling percussion. Very pretty. Also very short. Just over one minute.

I think on Intermezzo II maybe walking on dry leaves. It does kind of sound like he’s outside. I think I hear a birdy.

The River Where She Sleeps is really cool. Piano based, fun tempo and clever lyrics. Maybe my favorite here. It also shows his good voice.

Along with being super musically talented, it seems he has a wonderful sense of humor. I think he’d be really fun live. Seems like he has an infectious energy and if he can get that across on a record (and he can), I bet live would be fantastic.

Track Listing
1 Prelude
2 Angeline the Baker
3 Wyoming Skies
4 High Road
5 Intermezzo I
6 Fueled Up
7 State of Grace
8 Streetlamps and Stardust
9 Golden State
10 Fools Gold
11 Intermezzo II
12 The River Where She Sleeps
13 Ribbons and Curls
14 Coda

[Adam Hill MySpace]

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