Album Review: We Are All Pieces of Heaven by Lilamayi

Album Name: We Are All Pieces of Heaven
Artist: Lilamayi
Year/Label: 2013 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Miki Huber released an album I reviewed a long time ago and now she reruns with a new ep under a new name. It’s a lovely record with some truly stunning songs.

Opener “The Road” is soft and vaguely recalls Juliana Hatfield.

“Coal Mine” is a softly strummed song with some intriguing lyrical ideas.

“What’s it For” is dreamy and sweet, Huber singing in a very appealing way.

“Valentine Boat Song” ends the ep on a good note, vocal harmonies set to a relaxed note and a tune to die for.

It’s a lovely ep and I hope she records more and soon.

Track Listing
1. The road
2. Heaven
3. Coal mine
4. Snow
5. What’s it for
6. Valentine Boat song

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