Album Review: You Me and the Birds by Shelley O’Brien


Album Name: You Me and the Birds
Artist: Shelley O’Brien
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I reviewed Shelley O’Brien’s previous record, [Through] when she was going by Shellest. I can’t believe it was over 7 years ago! Sheesh! And the record had already been out awhile before I got my hands on it.

At the time I said I was looking forward to hearing more. I didn’t know I’d be waiting 7 years, but I’m glad the time has come. Her style is sort of theatrical (and before you balk, I mean that in a good way. That is, that’s NOT an insult). It’s very melodic and poppy and uses unusual instruments: trombone? Banjo? Glockenspiel? You don’t hear those in pop music very often. Just take a [look] at the credits on her MySpace page if you want to be impressed.

There’s something very infectious and happy-making about this record. At times it almost sounds like children’s music (You, Me and the Birds). But again…not in a bad way.

You’ll need headphones for the first third of Night Light. But it’s very pretty. It’s got a very nice melody that sticks with me, at least.

Emily, Coming and Going is a prime example of the rhythmic, melody driven style that is used in theater.

O’Brien’s voice is lovely and clear and suites the music perfectly. I like this record, it’s a fun playful romp and sometimes that’s just what we need.

Track Listing
1. Clay
2. Generous Waters
3. You, Me and the Birds
4. Night Light
5. Emily Coming and Going
6. I’ve Been Wrong Before
7. 3 Paper Tigers
8. Everything Is Green
9. You Loved Me, You…
10. My Velocipede
11. With a Will Margerie
12. Every Damn Thing

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