Amanda Mabro Mockumentary

I got an email from Amanda’s group about this mockumentary and I thought it was pretty dern funny so I thought I’d share it with you all.

Here’s what Amanda says about it:
“we’ve had a hectic couple of weeks, but it’s all been a good ol’ time. O Patro Vys was a blast last Saturday and we were referred to as pretentious atleast 7 times by our musical peers during the show. This was perfect considering we came in 7th on the Montreal Mirror’s Best of Montreal listing for most pretentious musical act. In fact, we thought it was so surprising and funny that we decided we should put together a montage of interivews with musicals pals letting everyone know just how pretentious Amanda Mabro & the Cabaret Band truly is!

And so, for your viewing pleasure, I invite you to watch and hopefully enjoy the following”

I reviewed Amanda’s record awhile back [Here]

Tour Dates after the jump

Upcoming Shows:

This Sunday, June 10th at Green Room

W/Andrea Revel + White Room

And a screening of the really good film by Dave Cool “What is Indie?�

Saturday, June 16th at the Yellow Door


Amanda, Cozmos, and Tim, will be playing 100% unplugged

No electric keys, minimal kit, no mic! It’ll be a real old school thing! Cozmos will be busting out the ol’ acoustic guitar, Tim’ll tickle the drums, and I’ll be belting out the tunes. Hope to see you there!

Raylene Campbell will also be joining us on Accordian for a few songs as well!

8pm $8.00 The Yellow Door is at 3625 Aylmer in Downtown Montreal.

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