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Today’s Artist Recommendation is Lissie Maurus.


I first heard of Lissie when I was preparing to set upon my first music festival cruise, Cayamo back in about 2010. I’d not yet heard of her, but I immediately downloaded all her EPs (that’s all that was out at the time) and listened obsessively.

By the time the cruise time arrived, I had planned to make it to every one of her performances on the boat. Especially after seeing her rock her first show. She is a very engaging live performer, stomping around in her bare feet, swinging that great hair. There’s something very powerful in how she is on stage. She’s having a blast and so you will too.

She has put out a bunch of great music since then, and I swear, just gets better every year. Lucky for us, she has been doing a lot of live streams since the pandemic hit. I’ve seen, I think, four of her shows. The most recent was just last week when she did a show with guitarist, Stanton Edward. Wow, what a fun show. When she does a live stream again do yourself a favor and buy a ticket.

She has some amazing covers. Her newest is “Bloody Mother F*ck*ng Asshole” (Martha Wainwright)

A few months ago she performed in a near-empty Parkway Theater here in Minneapolis and live-streamed it. Here’s a video from that, doing Mylie Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”

She has a new EP coming out this week (November 20, 2020) that is all covers!

…but it’s her original music that hits it for me.

Some of my favorite songs:
Why You Runnin’ (Why You Runnin’ EP)
When I’m Alone (and pretty much every song on Catching a Tiger)
Blood and Muscle (Castles)
Best Days (Castles)

Find her in the ether:

Why You Runnin’? (EP)
Covered Up with Flowers (2011 EP)
Cryin’ to You (EP 2014)
Catching a Tiger (2010)
Live at Union Chapel (2016)
Back to Forever (2013)
My Wild West (2016)
Castles (2018)
The Piano Introspective (2019)
Thank You To The Flowers EP (2020)

You can get these here too

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