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Back in 2006 and 2008 I reviewed some albums by Azam Ali’s band Niyaz and her solo work too. I always loved her sound. It’s very peaceful. And who couldn’t use a little of that right now?

I got an email announcing the new song by Azam Ali. The text was so wonderful that I didn’t think I could paraphrase it right for the blog, so here it is. In it’s entirety.

azam ali

“My lifelong journey into the metaphysics of music began with hearing this 12th century piece “O Euchari” composed by visionary Christian mystic Abbess Hildegard Von Bingen. It awakened me to the ancient philosophy of “The Music of the Spheres.” That if the human body is made entirely of elements forged by stars, then indeed we are celestial bodies & the cosmos is within us. If the rotation of heavenly spheres produce tones & harmony, then they must resonate within us. Thus, music in its most sublime form, is our participation in the harmony of the universe. That we may bring some harmony to our souls in our longing to return to our celestial home.

With great pleasure I share with you all my live studio recording/performance of one of the most important pieces of music in my life. Those of you who are fans of my 2002 album “Portals of Grace” will be happy. Most of you don’t know this but I never set out to be a singer. I always wanted to be an instrumentalist. One day when I was in my apartment listening to the radio at 18 years old, this song came on & I simply froze. I will never be able to describe what I felt in that moment except that reality as I knew it was shattered & something indescribable awoke inside me. This was the first song I ever taught myself to sing & I suppose the rest is history.
Abbess Hildergard Von Bingen is one of my greatest inspirations & a true female icon. I am honored to have known & performed her sublime music in my lifetime. Let the music of the spiritual spheres ring.
Love- Azam”

Listen/watch here:
You know what? just let it play auto. I listened the whole time I was putting this together and heard some beautiful work.

Niyaz by Niyaz / 2006
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Elysium for the Brave by Azam Ali / 2006
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Portals of Grace by Azam Ali/ 2002
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Nine Heavens by Niyaz / 2008
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