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Adele’s new video

Hey Kids, just a quick Friday thingy… I found Adele’s new video for the song “Someone Like You”. It’s lovely. This song was co-written (with Adele) by one of our hometown heroes, Dan Wilson (of Semisonic, and Trip Shakespeare). I…

New Ane Brun

I am so glad Ane Brun is working on new stuff!! I’ve been wearing her old albums out! Check out the video for her new song, Do you Remember. (if the vid doesn’t load, click

Some Friday Stuff for you

I’ve been furiously writing album reviews the last couple of days. Now I have to create entries for them and research a bit (websites, buy links, etc). So today I’ll just throw up (ewww, no!) some cool videos and other…

Help Garrison Starr get on Ellen!

Ellen DeGeneres take note! (not that Ellen reads my li’l ol’ website, but maybe one of her assistant’s assistants has a Google Alert for her name or something) Garrison Starr is hoping to be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres…

Little Comets’ Album is out

Remember when I told you all about Little Comets? [to refresh] Well, their debut album, In Search Of Elusive Little Comets comes out today!! [Buy at Amazon](but it’s pricey!) [Download at Amazon] Here’s a little taste

Milla Vid

I love this album, but I had no idea there was a video for this song. ENJOY!

White Houses

Someone on a message board I read posted this video. I had no idea Vanessa Carlton was a dancer. Jeeze, I even got chills. [wp_campaign_1]