Some Friday Stuff for you

I’ve been furiously writing album reviews the last couple of days. Now I have to create entries for them and research a bit (websites, buy links, etc). So today I’ll just throw up (ewww, no!) some cool videos and other stuff for y’all:

The first one is from [Jihae] and it’s called Tuileries and it’s beautiful.

New band called The Hot Moon sent me a link to their new song, which I quite like:
[Listen here]
If you’re at SXSW they’re playing tonight and tomorrow!
Fri. 3/18/11 – SXSW- Aquarium – Austin, TX (2pm)
Sat. 3/19/11 – SXSW- Maggie Mae’s – Austin, TX (9pm)

Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s song Pictures. Lovely.

You can listen to the original version of the song [at Soundcloud]

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