CD Baby Finds

In order to jump start my musical doldrums I have taken advantage of CD Baby’s $5 sale as I do most every year.

Here’s what I bought this time:

album coverBeyond the Frame by Jennifer Lee – Holy Tori, Batman! If you think Charlotte Martin channels Tori, you must hear this woman. I like it though. Really pretty intricate piano. Nice voice.

album coverClose Your Eyes and Heal by Tamara Dearing – the sound is so lo-fi and it’s mixed so low that I can barely hear it unless I crank my speakers. But once I can hear it I like it. She reminds me of Regina Spektor a little. Very quirky, piano.

album coverHer Fabulous Debut by Carla Ulbrich – Chose this one because judging by the photo on the cover and the title of the first song, (“Please Do Something Stupid�) I thought it would be silly and entertaining. It is. I love Christine Lavin and this reminds me of her. Bordering on theatrical.

“Cut a Man’s Heart Out” by Arlene Bishop – Other than CD Baby samples, I have not heard yet

“Girl Here Falling”by Sarah Haddock – again… not heard yet

“Midday Songs” by Lisa Fraser – again… not heard yet

I’ll write more about those other three when I listen to them.

Go pick out some CDs for yourself.
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