Closer – Sarah McLachlan

I know I posted about this before, but I was playing around on Amazon today and found that you can pre-order Sarah’s newest best of album.

[Order at Amazon]

If you use that link you can also see a video of U Want Me 2, the new Prince song. OK, I’m kidding, it’s hers.

It comes out October 7 (just in time for my birthday!)
Here’s the track list:
1. Vox
2. The Path Of Thorns
3. Into The Fire
4. Possession
5. Hold On
6. Good Enough
7. Building A Mystery
8. Sweet Surrender
9. Adia
10. Angel
11. I Will Remember You
12. Fallen
13. Stupid
14. World On Fire
15. Don’t Give Up On Us – New Studio Track
16. U Want Me 2 Don’t U? – New Studio Track

On a sad note, I just read in my trusty Entertainment Weekly magazine that she and Ash are divorcing. I wish them and their daughters the best and hope it’s amicable.

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