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I joined Pandora a long time ago when it first came out. I listened to it quite a bit, but then I realized I’d better be listening to the CDs that were sent to me for review instead. So I kind of let it go and forgot about it. Since getting a new job, I found myself sitting at my desk needing music. I didn’t want to haul in 30 discs to play here at my desk, so I signed into my Pandora account. I relazied that I can share the station with others. So I’ve done that.

[Here’s the link ]

I love it, it really plays good stuff. Of course, it’s because much of it I have manually added, but it plays other stuff too. Some of which I love (some not so much, but I can tweak it by thumbs up-ing and down-ing songs.).

Here’s an example of what it played for me this morning:

Pandora Play list:

Vox by Sarah McLachlan
Missing by Everything But the Girl
Better After All by Jonatha Brooke
Mount Washington by Beth Orton
What I Woudln’t Give by Holly Brook
Ten Days by Missy Higgins
The Prettiest Thing by Norah Jones
Gravity by Sara Bareilles
Cold Hungry Blues by Po’ Girl
Too Nice by Charlotte Kendrick
Deliver Me by Catie Curtis

…well you get the idea. Tune in, maybe you’ll like the stuff too.

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